October 15

What if your homework was to make a difference?

Recently I’ve come to realize the lack of opportunities that I had in high school to really apply my knowledge in a meaningful way. I could plug numbers into equations to solve any problem on a test, but I had no idea how those concepts could possibly relate to real life. When I got to…(Read more)

September 22

The Three Daily Habits that Changed My Life

Habit #1: The Morning Routine. (1-1.5 hours) 1. Drink Water (1 minute) This is the most important thing you can do in the morning. Drinking water, preferably 12 ounces or more, helps you purge toxins from your body and balances the lymph system. In essence, it makes you feel great. Your body has been fasting…(Read more)

August 14

Why the Sciences Need the Arts & Business

At the table there are four of you. All with your macbook’s open, typing away. You have a chemistry final tomorrow; the day will be dedicated to preparing for it. Across the table, Rachel pops up, “how can 47% of American’s not ‘believe’ evolution?” Surprised by the interruption, everyone looks up, pondering the question. For you, students…(Read more)

August 13

Question: Should K-12 education follow a year round calendar?

Education in the K-12 space takes on many different shapes and sizes in the United States and around the world. The predominant school year calendar falls between September through June in most areas of the United States. This calendar has existed for generations in America due to its strong agrarian culture at its founding. Should…(Read more)

August 10

Top 10 Most Important Lessons I Learned Interning at Google, The White House, and Microsoft.

1. DON’T BOTHER LOOKING AT ACCEPTANCE RATES. FOCUS ON YOUR STORY. Not applying for something because you don’t think you can get in is poisonous. It’s easy to get caught up in assessing your chances of getting into your dream school or company, but it never leads anywhere. Ever. Rather, invest your time and energy…(Read more)

August 9

Why Management Majors Shouldn’t Study Management

Or why the current model of majors in school is broken. This is the first part of  a series on why university majors are broken. In it we will look at one specific example in the business school. The second part will delve into the sciences, and the third will offer a method of delivering…(Read more)

August 6

The ROI of Education

I have a reactionary rant toward a lunch time conversation today: Lunchmate: “So, what’s the ROI of liberal arts education anyway? Sit and read books written by dead people for 4 years doesn’t teach me anything useful. I bet you didn’t even know how to format a spreadsheet out of college, right?” He is right,…(Read more)

August 4

Question: Should Computer Programming Proficiency Be A High School Graduation Requirement?

Computer programming has become one of the hottest topics in education and in society today. Should every single high school student in the United States be required to take classes in computer programming and demonstrate proficiency in the same matter as reading, writing, arithmetics? Share your opinion in the comments below. We hope for a…(Read more)

July 20

My Helicopter Ride with a Principal

I recently had a conversation with a high school principal named Eric. He has been an educator for over 15 years in middle schools and high schools as a teacher, as a physical education instructor and more recently as a principal. We were waiting to board a helicopter tour of the Sedona Valley in Arizona…(Read more)

July 10

Equations and Billiards: The Future of Education

Just as Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead was driven by his love for architecture, I believe that most teachers are driven by their love for changing kids’ lives.  The difference is that Roark was allowed to flourish by Rand, but teachers are changed and suffocated by a broken system. The reasons I’m so passionate about…(Read more)

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